In Search Of More Firepower

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The US Department of Homeland Security recently ordered the translation of a 4,000 year old artifact dealing with a shining imdugud bird, before returning the smuggled artifact to Iraq.

Stanford University published a brief description of the artifact, mentioning that the inscription on it dealt with the construction and restoration of  a " whit Anzu".   Stanford did not mention what the Anzu may have been, or how it was restored, or why our government was interested. 

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In Search Of Von Dechend's Tunnel

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Von Dechend does not ask, “what is a river” She does ask, “what is the earth”!

The constantly changing endlessly evolving collection of apparently random story particles presented in the Epic of Gilgamesh cannot be occurring accidentally. There is too much system in the randomness for that. Everything in Gilgamesh is an opening to a motherworld through a single point door. Nothing goes anywhere in particular in Gilgamesh, but everywhere simultaneously.  Von Dechend is clearly aware of the illusory nature of all things in Gilgamesh, and that the ancient Sumerians intended differing, spiraling levels of deeper meaning than the mundanely visible superficial story in the stone.

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Miami YearBook 2015 - Progress Report

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Where Everyone Is Welcome, and Everyone Belongs. It's a place, and a portal, and a guide and a directory. And more. It's a community resource, a destination environment, a warm and fuzzy website, and a magazine. And more.   It's a home for your club, a champion for your cause, and a gallery for your art.  And more.

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Portfolio - Art and Photography

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Shooting me shooting you....

Cinematographer Kathryn Rende shooting footage for a documentary,

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