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a little about my art

black moon Van Gogh painted Starry Night;

Tintoretto painted The Origin of the Milky Way;

Leonardo sketched the first helicopter;

Picasso painted cubes

Miro painted forms

I paint Moons, Planets, Mythological Imdugud  Birds, Starships, Gods, Quantum Abstractions and Other Sometimes Inexplicable Stuff.


Of modern artists, I enjoy De Kooning and Dubuffet, and it is only with deliberate effort that I have avoided producing more than one or two works that resemble theirs. 

a little about my photography

Mostly, I shoot people, young, old and in between, and most of those are in some form of portrait style.

I enjoy shooting kids because it is so easy to make them laugh. Laughter puts action into a still photo, and a smile on everyone's face.

Older men photograph easily and well for the same reasons that older women do not. Old men (anyone over 50) are wrinkley, gray haired or bald, and scruffy - and charismatic. Thank the Lord for old men, kids and young women. Old whiskey and faster horses, too. To see what I mean about Kids, please watch the video below.

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Photographic Services

Curently accepting clients and projects on a limited basis. Schedule an appointment by email to discuss your photographic requirements. Presently scheduling approximately one year in advance.


Yes - I look forward to hearing from you!

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